iSEE APEX is making a difference for
Single-Serve and the iSEE Team is
helping shape the industry.

Snippets from a recent CSP article: The Power of Single-Serve.

…Midwest Petroleum had used wire and suction-cup fixtures, but sales suffered whenever the suction cups on the fixtures broke, says Grotewiel. “We have now implemented iSee’s Apex Rack that holds five to six cans of 16- to 25-ounce beers,” he says. “The back side has a position for POS messaging, like a billboard.”

…stakes are high for c-stores regarding all new beer launches.
On-premise channels that were once the landing spot for new entries now yield to off-premise channels, such as c-stores, says Joe Vonder Haar, CEO and managing partner of iSee Store Innovations, St. Louis. “As millennial influences enter the equation, neighborhood c-stores are the venue for debuting new offerings,” says Vonder Haar.

Nathan Underhill, executive vice president of sales for iSee Store Innovations, St. Louis, says single beer paired with foodservice effectively leverages and lifts two powerful categories.”  This strategy is a way to differentiate from other c-store competitors, plus those in other channels, such as [quick-service restaurants] and fast casual,” he says. Twofer (and “three-fer”) offers can be activated occasionally-or without interruption, which is what St. Louis-based Midwest Petroleum Corp. does.

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