iSEE Partner Bill Donius Takes on Resolutions

Snippets from Bill’s recent article for Thrive Global

After attaining a milestone birthday (60),  I reflected on what’s working and what’s not in my life.

 It turns out I’m grateful the ledger is largely positive, as I’m healthy, physically fit and financially secure. Clearly luck and good genes have played roles.  However, I’ve done a number of things over almost four decades that, when taken together, have made for a healthy happier, and even more intentional life.

Although these are hardly new ideas, it may be helpful to offer some perspective about having overcome my biases to arrive at what we recognize today as a healthy lifestyle.

My “Better Half”:I discovered that the right side of my brain is now my “better half,” as it’s where creativity, intuition, artistry, musical and problem-solving functions reside.  I had discovered this Nobel Prize-winning research in the course of therapy, then applied the findings of research and personal interviews of 200 participants 10 years later into a creative problem-solving business technique.  A result was my book, “Thought Revolution,” …  Along the way, I overcame my earlier belief that some people are born creative and the rest of us are just lucky.

Work/Life Balance: …I was never fortunate enough to have both in balance at the same time during my career.  Later on, however, I got the big opportunity to lead my company through and IPO. It took 20 years of hard yet incredibly rewarding work.  Absent this experience, I would have missed the opportunity to check the self-actualizing work/life box. I had put my head down, knowing that I would in time achieve the financial freedom to re-balance and enjoy my “retirement.”

Exploration: Indulging my curiosity not only has been fun, but it’s also been good for my soul as well.  My personal favorite activity of late has been travel. I have been able to satisfy a bucket list of possibilities throughout the world, beginning with those places that were the most interesting and farthest away–just in case my body were to give out later in life.  This strategy has worked, as I’ve been to all my top tier destinations, moving down the list now with a least one big trip per year. As my grandfather used to say, ‘Half the joy in a is the anticipation of it.’

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