Data and Tests.

We know our suction cup cooler display products work great and the stats support this claim.

Schnucks Grocery Basecamp Test: Summer 2017

iSEE Bin20 Weight Test: February 2019

In a cooler door slam test conducted in February 2019, the iSEE Bin20 and similar bin suction cup cooler display devices were filled with various weights to determine when (or IF) they’d max out:

  • One standard bin rack failed after 20lbs
  • Another standard bin rack failed after 40lbs
  • The iSEE Bin20 successfully held 50lbs of product without failing

iSEE APEX Slam Test: Spring 2019

Apex Vault Display (2 per box) Transparent

Over several weeks during the spring of 2019, the iSEE APEX and other standard suction cup beverage racks used at retail were tested holding 24oz cans to see how many door slams they could take without starting to fall or damage product. The results were:

  • Standard suction cup racks saw partial failure after 50,000 door slams (approximately one year of door slams)
  • the iSEE APEX presented no signs of failure after 100,000 door slams

Learn more about the Displayloc Difference our suction cups provide and the rigorous testing process required of ALL our suction cup cooler displays.