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Apex DoubleHold

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high demand, these products are taking several weeks to ship. 

Our industry-leading beverage display rack with twice the holding power for smaller cans: the APEX DoubleHold suction cup rack can merchandise up to ten 8-8.4oz slimline cans. Leveraging iSee’s proprietary no-fail Displayloc suction cup technology, the APEX DoubleHold plastic beverage display rack has been tested holding ten slimline cans for over one year’s worth of door slams.


  • Display Capacity: 10 slimline cans per beverage display rack
  • Approximate Suction Cup Rack Dimensions: 23.69” L x 2.94” D x 8.5” H
  • Supports 8oz & 8.4oz slimline cans

Features & Benefits

  • Max Capacity: Safely merchandises 10 slimeline cans–twice the capacity as the APEX suction cup rack
  • Safe to Swing: Uses iSEE’s patented DisplayLoc suction cups, tested holding intended product weight for over 75,000 door slams.
  • Silent and Secure: No noise or product rattling
  • Flexible Placement: Allows for multiple display orientations: vertical, horizontal, diagonal
  • Brand-ability: High-impact, easy to change signage
  • Good to Grow: Connectable to double the size of the cooler door rack