Bin 20

The iSEE BIN20 is a all-purpose suction cup bin that holds just about anything on cooler doors or other glass-smooth surfaces. This no-fail suction cup bin can hold up to four 4-packs of 187ml bottles or various other product configurations thanks to its flexible bin design.


  • Holds various product sizes and styles
  • Perfect size for 187ml bottle 4-packs: holds four 4-packs
  • Suction Cup Bin Exterior Dimensions: 22.35” L x 4.56” D x 6.9” H
  • Suction Cup Bin Interior Dimensions: 17.15″ L  x 4.40″ D x 4.00″ H


  • Safe to Swing: Uses iSEE’s patented DisplayLoc suction cups, tested holding intended product weight for over 75,000 door slams
  • Multiple Placement Options: Can be displayed inside or outside cold vault doors
  • Brand-ability: Sign slot for easy-load signage