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DoubleStack PushGlide

Fill Empty Space with Product, Not Air.

The iSEE DoubleStack PushGlide is a pusher glide rack that leverages spring-loaded pushers to keep larger shaped product, like Tetra-paks, faced forward on angled or flat shelves. This shelf management system stacks two-high to maximize vertical space on high-volume shelves.


  • Display holds beverage packages up to  2.9” wide and 7” tall, including 12oz cans, 16oz cans and 500ml tetrapaks
  • Approximate Capacity:
    • 36 tetrakpaks
    • 40 12oz or 16oz cans
    • 44 8oz cans, 8.4oz cans or 187ml bottles
  • Stacked Dimensions: 27″ D x 6.25″ W x 15.5″ H
  • Each DoubleStack PushGlide includes two stackable channels to create one doublestacked pusher glide rack

Features & Benefits

  • Easily Keeps Products Front-Faced: loads from front or back for quick and easy restocking, products stay at the front thanks to our pushers.
  • Flexible Depth: DoubleStack PushGlide has break-off sections that allow for placement on 16″-27″ shelves.
  • Build a System: can be combined with our Gravity GlidePushGlide or Modular PushGlide systems for the ultimate shelf management system.
  • Multiple Branding Options: side and front graphics can be either direct printed or applied with decals.
  • Easy Assembly: No tools and minimal instructions are needed to put together this display.