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The PREMIER Suction Rack for Freezers.

Merchandising freezer doors has been a challenge in the past, but not anymore! The new iSEE FrozenDisplayLoc Suction Cup Racks allow you to increase valuable frozen-selling space by securely merchandising products on glass freezer doors leveraging new cold suction technology. iSEE FrozenDisplayLoc Suction Cup Racks are easy to install and have been rigorously tested to ensure they stay up in sub-zero environments.


  • Available for web orders in our most popular-for-freezer displays:
  • Need something different? ALL iSEE suction cup racks can be turned into a freezer-friendly display via direct order through [email protected].


  • Sub-Zero Security: FrozenDisplayLoc suction cups utilize a specialized NanoPolymer that enhances performance in frozen environments to ensure they stay up.
  • Bring Your Own Frozen Space: FrozenDisplayLoc suction cups can be combined with any of iSEE’s suction displays to create valuable frozen-selling space in the freezer.
  • Brand-ability: Sign holders allow for easy-to-change product communication, creating impactful branding for your frozen products.
  • Real, Frozen Innovation: Leveraging innovations in reusable sub-zero adhesives combined with our patented technology, the iSEE FrozenDisplayLoc suction cups are the only product of its kind on the market.


$27.00 – $37.00