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Roll into Better Shelf Optimization.

The better and more flexible can dispenser rack: the  iSEE Gravity Glide maximizes shelf merchandising and ensures product facing in open-air, glass door and ambient locations. Priced per-layer.


  • Available in two sizes: Gravity Glide 8oz (27″ D x 4.75″ W x 4.375″ H) and Gravity Glide 8.4oz (27″ D x 5.5″ W x 4.375″ H)
  • Gravity Glide 8oz Capacity: Holds up to 11 cans 4 3/8″ or less in height per-layer–perfect for 8oz slim cans
  • Gravity Glide 8.4oz Capacity: Holds up to 11 8.4oz slim cans or 10 traditional 12oz cans per-layer

Features & Benefits

  • Fits Most Any Shelf: Flexible sizing allows placement on 16” to 27” shelves
  • Merchandises More SKUs: Optimizes shelf space to increase volume
  • Keeps Products Front-Faced: Products are always rolled to the front and ready to grab
  • Build a System: Can be used with iSEE PushGlide or DoubleStack PushGlide for endless combo shelf display options
  • Get Stacked: Modular design allows display stacking to merchandise as many as 33 cans (on three stacked layers)
  • Easy Shipping Package: Ships flat, with three units per box, for optimal transport and shipping