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iSEE Bin

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high demand, these products are taking several weeks to ship. 

A Bin for Every Purpose.

Drive sales by getting unique packages front and center on the cooler door! The new iSEE Bin holds just about anything on cooler doors or other glass-smooth surfaces, using iSEE’s patented large DisplayLoc suction cups. The iSEE Bin has 17.15″ of open interior merchandising space, perfect for up to four 4-packs of 187ml bottles or slim cans, flask packages, 50ml bottles as well as numerous snack, candy and beverage products.


  • Holds various product sizes and styles
  • Perfect size for 187ml bottle 4-packs: holds four 4-packs
  • Suction Cup Bin Exterior Dimensions: 24.56” L x 4.6” D x 6.22” H
  • Suction Cup Bin Interior Dimensions: 17.5” L x 4.4” D x 4.12” H


  • Brand-Ability: Sign holders allow for easy-to-change product communication while the suction cup bin is up. A billboard so your brand doesn’t get lost in the clutter!
  • Safe to Swing: Uses two of iSEE’s patented DisplayLoc suction cups, tested holding intended product weight for over 75,000 door slams.
  • Multiple Placement Options: Can be displayed inside or outside cold vault doors and other glass-smooth surfaces.
  • Ultimate Flexibility and Ease-of-Use: Open design allows retailers to merchandise virtually any product easily.