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iSEE MultiRack

Ready to Roll.

The iSEE MultiRack floor display offers maximum flexibility with adjustable shelf positions and adjustable shelf dividers— allowing one rack to hold infinite SKU options— and lockable casters that let you move it where it needs to go. MultiRack floor merchandising racks are available in two sizes (large and slim) to accomodate most any amount of floor space. The result is a more modular, more mobile alternative to the standard floor merchandising rack.


  • Each floor merchandising rack comes with five adjustable shelves (more available ala carte)
  • MultiRack Large comes with seven dividers per-shelf
  • MultiRack Slim comes with five dividers per-shelf
  • MultiRack Large Assembled Dimensions (top of sign to floor): 20” W x 22” D x 60” H
  • MultiRack Slim Assembled Dimensions (top of sign to floor): 16” W x 15.5” D x 60” H
  • Racks can be used to merchandise virtually any product so capacity varies

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum Flexibility: MultiRack shelves come with adjustable channel dividers that slide side-to-side for various SKU diameters: slim cans, salad dressing, 25oz cans, wine bottles, mac and cheese boxes—anything. No need to build a new display for product resets! The uprights allow for various shelf height positions as well for various package SKU heights.
  • Maximum Mobility: Lockable casters allow MultiRack displays to be easily moved to any location in the store.
  • Simple Shop-Ability:Each shelf is angled forward and features slip sheets to enable better gliding. This combination keeps packages fronted, saving valuable labor time and getting SKUs right up front for the shopper.
  • Brand-Ability: MultiRacks signage offers great branding and price/promo ability. They come with semi-permanent header and side panel signs attached with snap-in push pins and an additional easy-change price card slot incorporated into the header panel.


$274.00 – $399.00