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iSEE MultiShelf

The Swiss Army Knife of Floor Displays.

The iSEE MultiShelf offers brands and retailers ultimate flexibility: a floor merchandising display that holds virtually any product and fits virtually any space. Each display includes three dual-function shelves, with the option of vertical or horizontal configurations. Shelves can be removed to use MultiShelf as a case stacker, pegs can be added to merchandize hanging product—or each display can be used as a stacker, shelving AND pegging unit. In addition, multiple MultiShelf floor merchandising displays can easily connected side-by-side or back-to-back, creating a premium and unified display to fit any available space.


  • Each unit includes one metal shelving display with three interchangeable shelves (which can also be used as peg boards) and a standard base for stacking product vertically
  • Solo Assembled Dimensions (without header sign): 19″ L x 13.75″ W x 52.5″ H
  • Solo Assembled Dimensions (with header sign): 19″ L x 13.75″ W x 63″ H
  • Display can be used to merchandise virtually any product so capacity varies
  • Each shelf tested to hold up to 80lbs of product

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-Functional: MultiShelf includes three display functions—stacking, shelving and pegging—and each shelf can be used horizontally OR vertically. A one-stop display for a myriad of products!
  • Connect-Ability: Displays can be configured solo as well connected back-to-back or side-to-side to fit virtually any retail space. Two units side-by-side fit most standard endcaps
  • Brand-Ability: Brands, products and promotions come to life through three easy-to-change signage areas on the backer panel, header and shelf price moldings of the MultiShelf, allowing for continuous program communication
  • Basket Building: Numerous SKUs can be merchandised on one floor merchandising display, making MultiShelf the ultimate cross-merchandising tool for retailers looking to add margins and grow basket size
  • Easy Mobility: Solid rear casters allow displays to be easily moved into any location, with or without product on it. Day-parting made simple!
  • Simple Storage: Never lose important parts! Underneath the removable MultiShelf base cover is a wire basket meant for storing wire dividers and other display tools/parts