iSEE MultiStack

iSEE is bringing the same game-changing innovation we brought to suction cups to beverage floor displays. The iSEE MultiStack is a more versatile and longer-lasting alternative to the standard bin floor display. Traditional bin displays have to be replaced several times a year—MultiStack is a one-time cost for a premium, permanent fixture that can be easily adjusted for the space you have and the brands you’re promoting.


  • Each unit includes two MultiStack pieces (base, poles and sign holders) that can be used solo or connected side-by-side or back-to-back
  • Solo Assembled Dimensions: 18” x 12” x 61.5”
  • Side-by-Side Assembled Dimensions: 36″x 12″ x 61.5″
  • Back-to-Back Assembled Dimensions: 18” x 24” x 61.5”


  • Product holds most beverage multipacks
  • Display capacity varies based on pack size (see graphic for examples of standard beer pack capacity)

Features & Benefits

  • Permanent Display Piece for Quick ROI: a permanent display solution with the versatility to replace throw-away corrugate display bins. One investment replaces years of disposable floor bin displays.
  • Versatile Design: solo, side-by-side or back-to-back configurations allow MultiStack to go in multiple store locations: end-aisle, wall, free-standing or even beer caves. Units can be connected together for larger displays.
  • Optimized Size: designed to fit tight small format retail spaces (meets ADA requirements) and maximize pack-out. Flexibility allows for multiple brands to be merchandised with one display piece.
  • Premium Look and Feel: Aluminum poles and sign frames create a premium and permanent-looking shopper impression for any product on display.
  • Replaceable and Flexible Signage: Header and side sign frames hold 4mm coroplast inserts that can be replaced easily for new brands and promotions. Paper signs can slide in over the supplied inserts and the side frames can be easily removed if not desired.
  • Protects Product: Plastic base is impervious to water, keeping packaging dry and off the ground and away from wet spills and floor cleaners.
  • Easy Shipping: MultiStack comes conveniently packaged in a 28″ x 18″ x 8″ box to make for easy shipping and local store delivery.
  • Tool-Free Assembly: Parts connect easily with no screws or bolts for a simple, tool-free assembly that takes minutes (Click here to watch the iSEE MultiStack assembly video).

Download the iSEE MultiStack Sellsheet

Please note: art is not included. Create and print your own artwork by downloading the graphic template for the iSEE MultiStack Beverage Floor Display