Modular PushGlide

Pushing Brands Forward.

Maximize any amount of shelf space with the new iSEE Modular PushGlide shelf management system. With the same self-facing technology of our original PushGlide system, the Modular PushGlide offers a truly customizable solution. There is no fixed size for the Modular PushGlide: channels easily interlock to allow the system to be as wide or as narrow as your space allows. With two base size options, it can merchandise a wide range of products from slim cans to tetra pack to 25oz cans.  Modular PushGlide shelf management system comes in black, but any custom color can be special ordered.


  • Sold in two components:
    • Starter: Includes one base and two walls—required to get your Modular PushGlide shelf management system started.
    • Adder: Includes one base and one wall, allowing you to expand your Modular PushGlide shelf management system by as much or as little as you’d like.
  • Comes in two sizes (sizes can be connected to form  one display):
    • Wide Starter: 27” x 3.25”x 4”
    • Wide Adder: 27″x 3″ x 4″
    • Narrow Starter: 27” x 2.8” x 4”
    • Narrow Adder: 27” x 2.55” x 4”
  • Wide Channel Capacity:
    • Meant for products that are 2.4”-2.9” in diameter
    • Holds 12 25oz cans
  • Narrow Channels Capacity:
    • Meant for products that are 2”-2.4” in diameter
    • Holds 12 slim cans or bottles

Features & Benefits

  • Extensive Modularity: Endless size, width and color allow customer to create a display that fits their unique needs
  • Flexible Depth: Modular PushGlide shelf management system has break-off sections that allow for placement on 18″-27″ shelves.
  • Easy Assembly: No tools and minimal instructions are needed to put together this display–it’s as easy as snapping in Legos or Lincoln Logs!
  • Multiple Branding Options: Artwork can be added per-channel or across the entire Modular PushGlide shelf management system


NARROW MODULAR PUSHGLIDES ARE ON BACKORDER. New Narrow starter and adder orders will ship in October.

$14.00 – $20.00