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PumpGuard Refill

Get Pumped at the Pump. PumpGuard Refill is a secure, durable and refillable hand sanitizer dispenser system that delivers a consistent and systematized approach to outdoor sanitation. 48oz refillable gel hand sanitizer bottles are protected by a strong and theft-resistant powder-coated metal shell and securely attached to a multitude of outdoor hanging spots. PumpGuard helps operators communicate they are a safe retail environment before shoppers even enter the store.


  • Display Dimensions: 14.65″ H x 4.75″ W x 4.875″ D

Features & Benefits

  • Strong and Accessible: Powder coated metal shell with hinge and lock, allow secure but easy access to the 48oz internal bottle.
  • Brand-Ability: Comes with a 3″ x 4″ label area for custom branding, with custom powder coating available in solid colors.
  • Large and Refillable: 48oz hand sanitizer bottle can be filled at display or removed for indoor refills. Clear front opening shows liquid level, alerting operators to when refills are needed.
  • Theft-Resistant: Metal lock and universal keys provide hand sanitizer security and theft prevention.
  • 3 Ways to Hang:
    • Smooth, Flat Surfaces: Attach PumpGuard’s metal mounting bracket using strong, durable pre-attached VHB tape—ideal for posts and gas pumps.
    • Rough, Flat Surfaces: Attach PumpGuard’s metal mounting bracket with anchor screws—works on wood, stone, brick and drywall columns.
    • Odd-Shaped Surfaces: Half inch slots allow operators to use metal or plastic straps to attach PumpGuard to cylindrical or rectangular posts (straps not included).