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PumpLoc Refill

The iSEE PumpLoc Refill is a multi-function, refillable sanitizer dispenser system that delivers a consistent and systematized approach to shopper sanitation by bringing hand sanitizer to virtually any location. Each dispenser has the option of being placed on a glass or other glass-smooth surfaces, securely held up by one of iSEE’s patented DisplayLoc suction cups; it can also be placed on counters or in an optional floor stand (sold separately). PumpLoc dispensers can be used with any hand sanitizer and can easily be refilled with the dual-purpose funnel and driptray included with every piece.


  • 16oz Holder Dimensions: 9.10” H x 4.42” W x 3.82” D
  • 20oz Holder Dimensions: 11.5” L x 4.42” W x 3.39” D

Features & Benefits

  • Secure and Reliable Hold: Patented DisplayLoc suction allows for reliable application to high-touchpoint glass doors and other glass-smooth surfaces–tested for over 75,000 door slams.
  • Goes Where You Need It: Besides glass-smooth surfaces, PumpLoc Refill can go on counters or in an optional stand (sold separately)–bringing sanitizer virtually anywhere without disrupting valuable floor space.
  • Locked In: Bottle lock cap helps deter theft and securely holds sanitizer bottle in place.
  • Multi-Functional Base and Easy Refills: Removable Base enables counter placement, and multi-functions as a drip tray and funnel for easy refilling with any hand sanitizer.
  • Brand-Ability: Easy, changeable communication through 4″ x 5″ sign holder and optional graphic imprinting.


PLEASE NOTE: PumpLocs are ONLY available via custom order. Please contact [email protected] to place an order directly.