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Wireloc Jumbo

Lock Into Jumbo Holding Power.

iSEE WireLoc Jumbo is a wire display rack made for large volume beverages. The WireLoc Jumbo suction cup rack can merchandise four or five wide-diameter cans or bottles from 24oz to 42oz sizes (please note, WireLoc Jumbo does not upport glass beverages larger than 32oz due to the additional weight of glass packaging). iSEE’s patented no-fail Displayloc suction cup technology and tested for over one year’s-worth of door slams.


  • WireLoc Jumbo 4-Hold Display Capacity: 4 cans or bottles
  • Wireloc Jumbo 5-Hold Display Capacity: 5 cans or bottles
  • Wireloc Jumbo 4-Hold Dimensions: 21″ L x 4.5″ D x 7″ H
  • Wireloc Jumbo 5-Hold Dimensions: 23.3” L x 4.24” D x 7.5” H
  • Supports 24oz. to 42oz. plastic or aluminum cans and bottles, 24oz to 32oz glass bottles

Features & Benefits

  • Jumbo Hold: Safely merchandises standard size wide-diameter cans/bottles, including 32-40oz beers, 750ml wine bottles, 1L liter soda bottles and other oversize bottles
  • Safe to Swing: Uses iSEE’s patented DisplayLoc suction cups, tested holding intended product weight for over 75,000 door slams
  • Brand-ability: High-impact, easy to change signage

PLEASE NOTE: WireLoc Jumbos are ONLY available via custom order (minimum of 250). Please contact [email protected] for a quote or to place an order directly. 

$24.00 – $25.00