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Bass player & band member, which explains why he named all 3 of his daughters after Allman Brothers Band songs. Former member of the Batting Practice Squad for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Over 25 years at Anheuser-Busch, Inc. driving business in the c-store channel and closing his AB career as VP of Convenience Channel. Continues to nurture his passion for innovation in small-format with the founding of iSEE Store Innovations and maintains a high-level presence at NACS – the National Association of Convenience Stores – and is currently on the NACS Supplier board.

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Fortunately, and sometimes unfortunately, always says what’s on his mind. Favorite dive bar is out west somewhere at the end of a long motorcycle ride. Says he plays some guitar and drums, but hell if anybody’s ever heard him!

Steve has been in the creative business for over 25 years, working with some of the top brands around. He spent 11 of those years owning his own agency in St. Louis, The Shaw Company, where he helped brands like Bud Light realize their potential at retail with advertising and promotions. As the Chief Creative Officer he brings his brand and retail creative experience to help ideate and design iSEE products as well as market the company. In addition, Steve and his team offer brand graphics and creative capabilities through the iSEE Creative team.

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Has visited 37 foreign countries, so it’s no surprise he’s fluent in 4 languages. Assisted in the design of a beer cooler for Brazil that has changed their restaurant & bar industry indefinitely.

Mark has over 30 years developing and manufacturing refrigerated merchandising products for retail stores. Spent 27 years with Hussmann Corporation, the leading supplier of refrigerated display merchandisers for foodstores. Spent 15+ of those years in international markets and working with retailers and beverage companies in developing countries. Has many years of global manufacturing,  product development, and sourcing experience. He loves working on new and innovative products and concepts.

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Born in Florida, spent a few years in California, and now happily resides in St. Louis. Lived in Rome for 5 months, and has traveled to 25 different countries.

Nathan has been in the wholesale distribution space for over 10 years in key roles spanning sales, operations, acquisitions, and marketing. He has been responsible for building and maintaining lasting partnerships throughout North America and has done marketing strategy work for both Fortune 500 companies and local non-profits alike. Today he focuses on creating industry leading best practices in the product innovation space and developing strategic partnerships to bring new products to market.

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Avid home-brewer and award-winning chili chef, so she’s a good friend to have! In her spare time Melissa’s an industry cannabis journalist and educator…and mom to a toddler.

Melissa came to iSEE via the convenience industry publication CSP, where she established herself as a leading voice for regulatory, merchandising and products trends. She remains highly engaged in the convenience channel, serving on the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Convention Content Committee and speaking at numerous industry events throughout the year. Melissa is thrilled to combine her unique understanding of the convenience industry and digital engagement with her passion for beer to the benefit of iSEE and its customers.

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Aleah Quast



4-year scholar NCAA athlete and Colorado girl at heart. If she’s not on the court playing volleyball, she’s back home riding horses.

Aleah came to iSEE directly after graduating from the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) in 2018 and has already left her mark on the organization. From managing warehouses to forecasting inventory to coordinating overseas production to product development, Aleah continues to touch every facet of the business as the Director of Operations. No two days are alike and they are far from boring, but her passion for continuous improvement and operational excellence push the company towards success.

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The year she married a Cubs fan was the year the Cubs finally broke their curse. Has a dog named after St. Louis Cardinals HOF Whitey Herzog. Was voted Most Likely to Host Her Own Talk Show, but she’s still working out the details.

Since Jess was the first official employee of iSEE Store Innovations, she has a unique perspective in that she has seen every aspect of the business as it’s evolved over the years. Now, she is focused on customer service. As the Sales Process Manager, she acts as the liaison between the sales and operations teams to ensure that we are living up to customer expectations.

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Former bartender, which explains why she can balance a full glass of wine on her head. Despite that talent, her biggest accomplishment in life is her son.

Barb brings over 25 years of bookkeeping and accounting experience to iSEE. She manages all of the accounting functions including accounts payable, billing, and accounts receivable. Barb is always willing to help and brings a positive attitude to work every day.

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St. Louis native, back home via Kansas City and Dallas. A fan of trying spicy things but later regretting it. Every time.

Tom brings over 15 years of sales and customer experience to his role on the iSEE Sales team. He started his career with Fiji Water after graduating from Missouri State University with a degree in sales management and marketing. Since then, he’s logged several years within the CPG industry, most recently with Kraft Heinz. Tom’s interests span from studying the every-changing market trends of shoppers and helping customers find solutions to increase the bottom line.

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Electric drum enthusiast, genuinely curious about how and why this crazy world works. If you have any answers, send him an email!

New to Missouri, Matt lived most of his life in northern Ohio where he graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a degree in Industrial Design. He uses his wide range of life experiences, from factory work and movie store management to car sales and youth group leadership, to inform his design process. Matt is eager to learn and solve problems with the iSEE team.

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A mom, a marathoner and a certified book nerd. You can find her unwinding with a glass of red wine and a good book.

Melissa has worked most of her professional life in the world of operations. She is excited to bring over 10 years of knowledge to help the iSEE team streamline and deliver for their customers—even in the most challenging of times!

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A collector of many interests: The Great Outdoors (film and actual). Ripping guitar solos. His beautiful wife. Dad life. Pro wrestling. Reading. Peanut butter.

TJ is an old pro in the design world with over a decade of experience in design and advertising. He’s tackled a little bit of everything: building and maintaining brands, logos design, complete 360 brand campaign development, gifs animation, custom typography, packaging design, overseeing photo shoots and so much more. From concept to execution, TJ loves the nitty gritty details and getting his hands dirty!

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In a former life he loved rap music, driving fast, and the trendiest shoes.  Now jams to country, drives a mini-van, and rocks orthopedic shoes for lower back support…and embraces all three.

Daniel has spent most of his professional career in the wine and spirits industry, working for both a small start-up brand and a large supplier. These experiences have taught him a lot about the highly regulated, ever-changing world of alcoholic beverages. Daniel loves staying on top of industry trends and witnessing the great innovations that companies come up with to meet consumer demand. He’s always thinking about ways everyone can win and is excited to bring this mindset to provide awesome merchandising solutions for brands and retailers alike.

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Passionate fan of seat heaters, her black mouth cur pup and the Backstreet Boys – don’t ask how many BSB concerts she’s been to, she’s lost count!

Erica comes to iSEE with 15 years of professional experience, ranging from customer service to developing and implementing processes to managing one of the top real estate brokerages in St. Louis. Her eclectic background allowed Erica find her perfect fit in operations — helping to build efficiencies and solve problems, large and small. She has a fierce belief that anything can be done through the power of teamwork.

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blake (b&w)



World traveler, tech enthusiast, real estate aficionado, and cat lover. Like’s making cool stuff.

Blake comes to iSEE after a decade of leveraging technology for digital transformation. With a diverse set of experiences at Apple and Sotheby’s International Realty implementing Enterprise software, troubleshooting technology, running marketing departments, and finding solutions to business problems. Blake has one mission, and Steve Jobs said it best “Use your time wisely, pursue excellence, and leave the world better than you found it.”

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